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Robert Pearce House – Bishop Stortford College

An on-going project at Bishop Stortford College’s Robert Pearce House is currently underway here at Leary Brothers Ltd.

As a result of a fire back in October 2015, the on going project includes works to remove all the damages caused from the fire.

In order to take the building back to its base, to allow for new building works, the enabling works were under way in January 2016 and is progressing towards its scheduled completion date.

Follow us here at Leary Brothers Ltd. to see how the project is developing, with regular updates on progress and the projects completion.

Leary Brothers Ltd.

Before – Results of Fire Damage

enabling works for damaged buildingsbishop stortford college enabling works

fire damage results. building maintenance and refurbishment enabling worksfire damages to building. building maintenance and refurbishment maintenance worksbishop stortford college enabling works to fire damage building

fire damage results to building enabling works

bishop stortford college fire damage buildingbuilding enabling works from fire damage

building maintenance and refurbishment for enabling works to fire damage building


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